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Discovering your child has autism can be a bewildering experience. You will want to know exactly what autism is, what causes it and what can be done to ease any difficulties. Answers to questions like ‘how will I cope?’ and ‘will my child go to a mainstream school?’ are provided in this book along with latest advice and research. Autism is a life-long developmental disorder affecting about half a million people in the UK. The autistic spectrum is very wide and each person can be affected differently. In a friendly, easy-to-read way, this book includes practical ideas and strategies for helping a child with autism, and supportive information is provided by other parents of children who have autism. Autism: A Parent’s Guide gives advice relating to all ages affected by autism, from newly diagnosed toddlers through to adults successfully living with the condition. Author: Hilary Hawkes

Chapter Headings

What is Autism?

Research into Autism

Getting a Diagnosis

Living with a Child with Autism

Interventions and Therapies


Adolescence and Beyond

Benefits and Entitlements

Getting Support

Appendix 1

Appendix 2


Author Bio 

Hilary Hawkes has been a writer since her teens. She is the author of several children’s books and wrote Asperger’s Syndrome – The Essential Guide. She has a BA (Hons) in Publishing and English and is also a qualified Early Years Practitioner. Hilary can be contacted through

Members of Hilary’s own family are affected by autism spectrum disorders. Because of this experience, her contact with other affected families and research, Hilary decided to write this book. She knows that after receiving a child’s diagnosis, parents need a starting point for finding support. Hilary hopes the book will answer many of their early questions.

Customer Reviews...

Elaine -
This is a very helpful and understanding guide for parents who have a child who has just been diagnosed.It is written in a clear and easily understandable way and gives a lot of practical advice.


Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
The Need2Know Guides are an excellent practical series, each written by an expert in the field. Hilary wrote this book to help parents find support when they first receive the diagnosis of autism and she has based it on personal experience. Parents will have so many questions, so this an excellent starting point. It discusses the symptoms of autism and getting a diagnosis; moving on to living with a child with autism and how to help. Practical advice is given on selecting the best education and how to deal with adolescence. Extensive lists and advice on where to get help are a really useful feature. This is a reassuring and down-to-earth read which will be invaluable to parents and also to practitioners new to the subject - perhaps teachers with an affected child in their class.


jill (via Amazon) -
I have given this book to a family with a newly diagnosed 3 year old autistic child. The simple straightforward language used throughout and the helpful advice was just what the parents needed. They could look at particular chapters that dealt with issues they were facing at that time, and also dip into other areas for the future.


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