Baby's First Year

A Parent's Guide

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Congratulations on your baby’s arrival. Now begins the task of learning to become a parent. The early weeks and months with a new baby present a steep learning curve for any new parent. It’s normal to find yourself seeking guidance and reassurance. Only you can decide what sort of parent you want to be, but it helps if you know what you are letting yourself in for! This book will guide you through your baby’s first year, offering you vital information and support to prepare you for each stage of your baby’s development. From handling your newborn and adjusting to parenthood, to soothing a teething baby and tackling weaning, no avenue is left unexplored. You’ll find family case studies included in every chapter, so you can benefit other new parents sharing their experiences and tips. Whether you are reading the book while pregnant or have already had your baby, this friendly and useful guide will help you find your feet, trust your instincts and enjoy your new baby. Author: Shanta Everington

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The First Few Weeks

Feeding Options



Keeping Baby Clean

Baby’s Development


Interaction and Play


Looking After Yourself

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Author Bio 

Shanta Everington is a parent, writer and qualified early years teacher.  She has experience of providing information and support to parents for a range of charities, and believes strongly that all new parents need non-judgmental advice.

Shanta is passionate about giving parents the confidence to believe that they are the experts where their children are concerned.  Shanta can be contacted through her website
Shanta is also the author of The Terrible Twos - A Parent’s Guide with Need2Know Books

Customer Reviews...

Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
A practical and succinct guide to all the wonderful changes that take place in the first twelve months of life. Parents are faced with conflicting advice from all sides - this book sets out to give the vital information that parents need to make those all-important decisions. It covers The first few weeks; feeding; crying; sleep; cleaning; how your baby develops; teething; play; weaning and how mum should look after herself - an often-overlooked topic! Case studies and practical tips from other parents are reassuring and practical.


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