Domestic Violence

The Essential Guide

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Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a fact of life for far too many people. The statistics tell us that one in four women is (or has been) abused by a partner in our society, and that some men are abused by their partners too. So, if not you – then this is happening to someone you know, right now. It is easy not to spot the signs, even when they are obvious, that someone we care about might be suffering in silence. Anyone (professional or otherwise) who can offer space and safety is helping the victim to take a big step towards regaining their freedom, and eventually their personality and mental health. Written by a survivor of domestic violence, who is also a nurse and teacher, this book explores the issues in a detailed and practical way. Domestic violence has consequences for the entire family, and for life in general. There are no easy answers, but this book will help us all to feel more confident about dealing with the issues of domestic violence.

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Author Bio 

Greta McGough gained her first nursing qualification in 1975, and has contributed regularly to the national nursing press ever since. In 1989 she also qualified as a teacher and has worked as a lecturer in several universities in England and Scotland.

Greta is a survivor of domestic violence so knows, firsthand, what the issues are and how to survive that experience. She understands the trap that victims can find themselves in, and how to get out of it.

Having moved around the United Kingdom a great deal, Greta now lives with her second husband Stuart on the Lancashire coast. Her website is

Customer Reviews...

Perkins (via Amazon) -
This is a clear, easy to read guide packed with useful advice not only for victims of domestic violence but also care professionals in this field. Issues are dealt with sensitively in a no-nonsense, practical way and all the information is clearly referenced and linked to sources of further help and advice. The book is well-presented in a clear, easy to read typeface. It is an excellent handbook for anyone affected by these difficult issues.Domestic Violence - The Essential Guide


Opsimath (via Amazon) -
I first came across this book when looking for some 'back up' to help with a friend's situation, and I am really glad I bought it. It is only a slim volume, but there are a lot of useful contacts for support with all aspects of dealing with and escaping from domestic violence. Particularly useful for me was the real life examples scattered throughout the book as they have finally started to wake my friend up to the realisation that she is not alone in her experiences. The exercises in the chapters on Self-Esteem and Good Health also look useful as a way of focusing on moving forward. Definitely worth the price!


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