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GCSE exams present a challenge not only for students, but also for parents. Watching your child study and prepare for GCSEs throughout Years 10 and 11 leads to a lot of questions, and the answers aren’t always easy to find. What are GCSEs and how are they taught and tested? How can I advise and support my child throughout their GCSEs, and help them use revision time and study leave effectively? These are just some of the many questions raised by parents during the GCSE process. The aim of this book is to deal with these and other issues, including what GCSE results mean and also addressing questions parents may have as their child faces post-16 decisions. As a parent you’ll find the answers and reassurance you’re looking for inside this useful and informative guide. It also contains practical advice for coping with important dates during the GCSE schedule – namely exam days and results day. Chapters covering these topics and more offer preparation guidance to enable you to help and support your child through their GCSE experience. Author: Charlotte Evans

Chapter Headings

GCSEs: An Overview

Preparing for GCSEs Before Year 10: The Right School and Strategy

Choosing GCSE Subjects

Helping Your Child to Balance Time and Build Skill Sets Through Years 10 and 11

Mock Exams, Coursework and Study Leave

Before Exam Day

Coping Through the Exam Period

Coping With Results Day and Moving On From GCSEs

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Author Bio 

Charlotte Evans has been coaching A level students and their parents for over ten years. 

An experienced author, Charlotte has also written several self-help guides and study guides for GCSE, A level, and university students. She combines her interest in personal development and education, to research and manage effective study programmes for students in higher education.

Customer Reviews...

Jan Deykin -
I have just posted this review at Families Magazine's website, www.familiesonline.co.uk: GCSEs can seem such a distant milestone but suddenly when your child starts secondary school they begin working towards them at rapid speed. This concise guide aims to help prepare you as a parent to understand the process and be able to guide your child through the ups and downs. It has useful advice on choosing subjects and even choosing the school in the first place in addition to practical information on the qualifications themselves including the balance between testing by exam, coursework and controlled assessment. Even if you took GCSEs yourself (I took O levels!) they have changed over time so you are probably not up to date. The book acknowledges the need for children to be responsible for their own learning but details the important role for parents through coaching with techniques such as time management, effective revision, keeping their mind in gear and getting through the exam. It also touches on the aftermath with advice on preparing for different outcomes on results day and considering choices for the future. The exam system is currently being overhauled so this is particularly useful for those with children in Year 8 and above but the study techniques will apply to any exam system. I found the time management, prioritisation and communication advice especially interesting as my Year 10 child suffers from selective hearing on most things. Best advice – be prepared as soon as possible: it is never too early advises the author Charlotte Evans, an academic coach. We gave it a families rating of 5 out of 6.


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