Postnatal Depression

The Essential Guide

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Postnatal depression affects up to 1 in 10 women after giving birth. When life is tough enough, there are so many unanswered questions. Why me? When will I get better? How do I get better? What will make life bearable? Written by an author with first-hand experience, this book is authoritative, comforting and hopeful. It focuses on coping strategies for day-to-day life, how to approach different treatments and where to find support. Case studies are included from women who have overcome postnatal depression, as well as partners’ and family members’ accounts of the condition and input from health professionals with specialist knowledge. Each chapter has been written so readers can dip in and out, making it accessible for the whole family. Postnatal depression is a temporary illness; this book aims to help families struggling with postnatal depression by giving them the information and support to rise above the illness and create a balanced and happy home life.

Chapter Headings

My Illness

The Roller Coaster of Recovery

Causes of Postnatal Depression

The Signs and Symptoms

The First Stop for Help

Helping Yourself

Taking Care

Coping with Motherhood

For the People Who Care

Second Time Around

Treatments: Antidepressants

Treatments: Alternative Ideas

Treatments: Talking it Over

People Like You

Help List

Book List


Author Bio 

Catherine Burrows lives in Kent with her husband and two young children. After both her babies were born, she suffered with postnatal depression. An expert in postnatal illnesses once told her that the condition would open up new avenues in her life. After beginning a successful career as a writer and helping to make The Write Place Creative Writing School in Dartford the success it is today, Catherine feels this has come to fruition. By combining personal experience with her desire to write, she is proud to put her name to the book she wished she had read when she was ill. 

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E. C. Everest (via Amazon) -
This author knows her subject and writes her story with passion. I look forward to reading more of her work really soon.


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