Preschool Choices

A Parent's Guide

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The first five years of a child’s life are an exciting and important time. Children change and develop at this stage at a fast rate. Experiences they have often influence their personality and behaviour for the rest of their lives. This book describes how children learn and develop during their preschool years and what kinds of things influence or encourage that development. Chapters cover basic information on children’s growth physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively and some common developmental problems and possible solutions. There is information on finding groups and activities for parents/carers and preschool children to attend together: from fun story time or toddler groups to activities that may enhance your child’s communication, concentration and co-ordination skills - and where to find out what is on offer in your area. Parents looking for childcare and nursery education will find the chapters on the many different types useful. Chapters include information on how to select the right care or nursery for your child, what children learn in an early years setting, meeting the cost and finding ways to help your child settle and adjust to being away from you. Advice for parents with children with special needs is also included. Information on how to best prepare your child for starting formal full-time school looks at how you and your child can approach this important milestone together. Author: Hilary Hawkes

Chapter Headings 

Early Child Development


Learning Through Playing at Home

Activities for Under 5s

Types of Education and Care

What Children Learn in Preschool

Preschool and Special Needs

Becoming School Age

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Author Bio 

Hilary Hawkes has a degree in publishing and English and worked in publishing before bringing up her three (now young adult) sons. She also trained as a Montessori teacher and Early Years practitioner – working in nursery, preschool and Montessori classrooms. Hilary is a children’s author and also writes non-fiction titles for adults.

Hilary can be contacted through her website where you can also access her online project for preschool children.

Customer Reviews...

Parents in Touch -
Another practical and informative guide from Need2Know Books. Initially, I expected a book on choosing early schooling, but it is far more than that. Parents face many choices in their child's early years and the choices they make influence their child's development, so informed choices are vital. The book explains how children learn and what influences their learning, enabling parents to do their best. Early chapters focus on the importance of play at home and how parents can encougare the development of early learning skills. It continues with advice on finding outside groups and activities and goes on to childcare and nursery education. There is a very useful section on organisations relevant to the age group. Lots to think about and to help parents in this useful book.


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