Primary School

A Parent's Guide

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Primary School: A Parent’s Guide answers all of your questions – and more. Whether your child is at primary school already, or you’re choosing a primary school for the first time, this guide will provide you with all the relevant information you need to understand the system – from subjects covered in the primary national curriculum, to Ofsted reports and parents’ evenings. The book will also advise you about the kinds of activities you can do with your child to help them with their schoolwork and homework, and where to go for support if your child is struggling in a particular subject. All the puzzling acronyms like KS1, SATs and QCDA are covered, together with information on working with primary school teachers, primary teaching, finding support and special educational needs. Help for Parents choosing a primary school is given and the admissions process is covered in detail including how to make an appeal. As a parent, parent-governor and lecturer in education, the author, Kim Thomas, knows how important it is for parents to find no-nonsense information – and this guide will surely help. Author: Kim Thomas

Chapter Headings

Choosing a Primary School

How Admissions Work

Starting School

What Your Child Will Learn at School

The Foundation Stage (3-5 years old)

Key Stage 1 (5-7 years old)

Key Stage 1 SATs

Key Stage 2 (7-11 years old)

Key Stage 2 SATs

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Author Bio 

Kim Thomas is a freelance journalist specialising in education, parenting and technology. She is a frequent contributor to national newspapers, including The Guardian and The Financial Times, and holds a PhD in the sociology of education.

Kim lives in Hertfordshire with her partner, and has been a parent governor at their daughter’s primary school for several years – a role that required her to become familiar with a dizzying range of educational abbreviations and jargon terms.

Kim can be contacted through her website

Customer Reviews...

Gemma -
This book is an easy to understand guide for parents with children at primary school, or about to start school. It outlines the process from choosing a school to understanding the National Curriculum up to year 6. The chapters are clearly defined so you can dip in and out to find the information you need. I particularly liked the fact that it is written it in a straightforward way with educational jargon clearly explained.


Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
Many parents are confused by all the changes that take place in schooling so this succinct guide will be very welcome. It covers all the key topics - how to choose a school; the admissions process; how to prepare your child to start school; the curriculum and SATS, among other things. The admissions process can be a minefield so it is good to see this clarified. The advice on choosing a school is excellent, particularly the questions to ask. The curriculum is complex to understand, as are the requirements of SATS and both these areas are clearly and succinctly covered. You can find out how much time your child will spend on key subjects and what they are expected to know. There is also a list of useful contacts. A very practical guide for all parents.


gigi (via Amazon) -
This book is a great guide for all parents whose children are about to start school. It guides you through the process from choosing a school to understanding the National Curriculum up to the end of Key Stage 2. The chapters are clearly defined so you can dip in and out to find the information you need, and the author has written it in a way that any educational jargon is explained clearly.


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