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A Parent's Guide

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We all want our children to do well, enjoy themselves and create the foundations for a successful adult life while they’re at secondary school. The choices and decisions made by teenagers regarding the subjects they study at secondary school are of such importance, it can sometimes be overwhelming, daunting and frustrating as a parent to provide support and help your child to make the best choices. This book will guide parents through secondary school, from year 7 to 11, including information on secondary school league tables, secondary school curriculum, Ofsted reports, SATs, GCSEs, homework, secondary school teachers and parents’ evenings. Problems with under-age drinking, smoking, relationships, bullying and friendships are typically part of growing up today, and this book will also contain practical guidance on how to cope with issues such as these so they have a minimal effect on your child’s schoolwork. With a glossary to explain educational jargon, information on special educational needs plus practical advice about your child’s opportunities and choices post-secondary education, this book will be a great investment to see your child through some of the most important years of their life. Author: Glynis Kozma

Chapter Headings

Choosing a School

Special Needs

The First Day



Common Problems

Communicating Effectively with the School

The Curriculum, GCSEs, AS and A Levels

Revision and Motivation

Post-16 Options

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Book List

Author Bio 

Glynis Kozma is a writer, personal coach and teacher. She specialises in writing about education, the family and relationships. Glynis taught English for many years in independent and state schools, before training as a coach, helping clients with work-life balance, careers and parenting. She has a son and daughter both of whom attended state schools. She lives in Hertfordshire and can be contacted through

  • Introduction
  • Acronyms
  • Choosing a School
  • Special Needs
  • The First Day
  • Homework
  • Friendships
  • Common Problems
  • Communicating Effectively with the School
  • The Curriculum GCSE's As and A Levels
  • Revision and Motivation
  • Post-16 Options
  • Help List
  • Book Li

Customer Reviews...

jennifer (via Amazon) -
I found this book to be exactly what I needed to know. It is set out in a very clear way and with advice that is pitched at the right level when first thinking about secondary and further education. It explains in a clear and concise way the importance of knowing well in advance the procedures for moving your child through the education system and especially the importance of choosing GCSE subjects at year ten that are relevant when considering the options available in higher education, and the chosen career of your child. Lots of other practical information is also included. Invaluable.


EllenA (via Amazon) -
My eldest son has just started high school. Before he started he and I were both becoming overwhelmed by the huge step up. He also has some learning difficulties. This book provided a no-nonsense step-by-step guide to all the things I needed to think about. It really helped put things in perspective and gives a comprehensive set of resources. I would recommend this to anyone whose child is going to secondary school.


Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
This would be an ideal book to read when your child is in Year 6 (or even 5) of primary school, so you can weigh up the options and have plenty of time to decide on the best school for your child. It tells you what to look out for when choosing and gives advice to use when visiting schools. This is very reassuring to parents. The chapter on Special Needs explains how children can be included in mainstream education and how to help them. An interesting chapter is that on Friendships - an important topic that can be overlooked. Find out how to support your teenager through the various exams, and learn about the options available. Many parents are anxious about communicating with schools, but the good advice in this book is really practical and easy to read.


hevste (via Amazon) -
My son is moving up to secondary school in September and it's like a whole new world for all of us so any sensible advice is certainly welcome. And that's exactly what this concise, well thought out book provides. It takes you through from choosing a school to what to expect on the first day, what problems might crop up and how the exam system works these days - there is even a section on the options for children post-school. I was terrified to start secondary as I didn't have a clue what to expect but my son's new school has already invited their prospective new students in to sample the lessons and find their way around and, as a result, he has no fears of the unknown and is really excited about his first day. Things have changed since us parents went to school but this clear and easy to navigate book will help you make sense of it all to support your child on his latest big adventure.


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