Teenage Pregnancy

The Essential Guide

Teenage Pregnancy: The Essential Guide has been written to help you navigate the many decisions and uncertainties you face when discovering that your daughter, a teenager, may be pregnant. It doesn’t promote keeping the baby, abortion or adoption. Its purpose is simply to give you information. Nicolette Heaton-Harris brings together facts on: How to tell if your daughter is pregnant. Abortion and adoption. Preparing your daughter for her pregnancy and birth. Helping her cope with a new baby. Your daughter’s education. Birth control and sexual health. Discovering your teenage daughter is pregnant is likely to come as a huge shock – but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Arming yourself with accurate information and knowledge will help you communicate with your daughter in an open way, leading to positive outcomes for all concerned.

Chapter Headings

Is She Pregnant?



Healthy Pregnancy

Antenatal Care

The Birth

What Do Babies Need?

Life with a Baby

My Daughter’s Education

Legal Matters

Help List 

Author Bio

Nicolette Heaton-Harris is a mother of four children and resides in Hampshire. Previously pregnancy editor for BellaOnline.com, the second largest website for women, she is currently the author of health titles including: Living With Emetophobia, Children’s Health: Combating Obesity and Sexually Transmitted Infections - The Essential Guide. She is also a Community First Responder. Contact Nicolette through www.freewebs.com/nikkihh.

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