Terrible Twos

The Essential Guide

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Coping with the terrible twos can be hard work at times. Even the easiest of toddlers can present a range of challenges when they get to that age and start developing a mind of their own. Written by a parent who is also a qualified early years professional, this book combines personal experience with professional expertise to arm you with all of the information and guidance you need to survive the terrible twos. Many parenting books these days are written by non-parents who believe a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will work, and often with little professional education to support their advice. This book will help you to understand the terrible twos and why they happen, your child's emotions, behaviour and needs during this challenging time, the importance of balancing freedom and limits and other strategies to help you help your child learn and grow. With case studies to help parents realise they are not alone in experiencing toddler problems with a ‘terrible’ two-year-old and a wealth of information and support on how to find the strategy that works for you and your child, this book is a must read for parents. Author: Shanta Everington

Chapter Headings 

Understanding the Terrible Twos

Your Child’s Emotions

Behaviour and Needs

Freedom and Limits

Play Time


Meal Times

Toilet Training Without Tears

Childcare and Early Education


Seeking Help

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Author Bio 

Shanta Everington is a parent, writer and qualified early years teacher. She has worked as a volunteer parenting supporter and written and edited charity publications on parenthood and disability. Her inspiration for writing this book comes from her son and their trials and tribulations through ‘the terrible twos’. In writing this book, she wants to empower parents to overcome challenges and realise that children are ‘terrific twos’ not just ‘terrible twos’!
Shanta is passionate about giving parents the confidence to believe that they are the experts where their children are concerned. Shanta can be contacted through her website www.shantaeverington.co.uk.

Customer Reviews...

Anonymous -
With so much choice of the terrible two help-guide, I picked this one as it looked modern compared to some of the books on offer. I know from friends just having their first babies that the advice I was given by midwives is different 2 years on, so I wanted a book that was up to date too. I found this book easy to read, useful and informative. It's a handy guide and one I've referred to a few times since purchasing it. As a first time mum I've found the advice and tips so helpful, as well as the case studies, which make me think, phew we're normal! My daughter isn't naughty by any means, but is prone to tantrums due to frustration and she's a fussy eater to say the least! This book certainly helps when you are uncertain what to do next and it's quite reasonably priced too. I also like the fact the author is a parent and has experienced the terrible twos herself. Definitely worth investing in.


Paperback (via Amazon) -
'The Terrible Twos' - most parents will agree this can be a difficult time in a child's life, as the child grows, explores and tests the limits. But it needn't be terrible, if handled constructively, as this practical guide shows. Shanta is an experienced Early Years Practitioner and her experience shines through in this book. We are given an insight into children's emotions and needs, and this helps us understand the behaviour that may arise as a consequence. The importance of setting boundaries, whilst leaving room to develop and explore is discussed. Play, eating, sleep and potty training are all areas of possible contention and strategies are given, along with real life experiences. A practical and reassuring guide which will be invaluable to parents and to all those who come into contact with 2 year olds.


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