Working Mothers

The Essential Guide

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Nobody would say being a working mother is a doddle, whether you choose it or not. But there are ways and means to make it easier. Working Mothers: The Essential Guide helps you to find a bit more flexibility in your life, feel less guilty about working motherhood and ensures you know your legal rights. Am I entitled to change my work hours? How can I explain to my family I need their help? Am I entitled to financial help for all this? Why do I feel guilty all the time? Where does all the time go? Would it be easier to work for myself? Whatever your own questions are or even if you're just starting to plan for working motherhood, this book will help you find the answers.

Chapter Headings

Flexible Working and Time Off for Departments 

Time: An Alien Concept 

Childcare: Whats Available and What it Costs

Opting Out: Starting Your Own Business and Working From Home

Financial Help for Working Parents 

Your Health and How to Keep it

Staying Positive: At Work, At Home and In Yourself

The Role of Fathers

Guilt: The Final Frontier

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Author Bio 

Denise Tyler ran online magazine mother@work which gave working mothers practical advice on managing their work, family and personal lives. She started the magazine having found a lack of information and support when she returned to work following the birth of her daughter, Freya. For many years she has written for national papers and magazines and continues to work as a freelance journalist and as a sports PR consultant, having acted as press officer for a number of high profile events including the Olympic Games. 
Denise has a BA Hons in Media and English Literature from Leeds University and an MA in Text and Performance studies from King’s College London and RADA. She lives with husband Stephen, 10-year-old Freya and a dog called Bob, in Brighton.

Customer Reviews... -
My little girl was less than a day old when I first thought to myself “OK, how the hell am I going to manage to care for this baby AND work?” True, I had other baby-related challenges heading my way that I had no idea about at that time, but my sleep-deprived and drug-fuddled brain was already thinking about being a working mum. Before that, I’d assumed I’d head back to work after six months maternity leave, with baby in a nursery and everything else pretty much back to normal. (And yes, I can hear you falling off your chair with laughter!) The full reality of balancing work and baby didn’t hit me until about three months later, when I had to seriously start looking at my options. At that point, the book ‘Working Mothers: The Essential Guide’ by Denise Tyler would have been perfect for me. There’s a surprisingly wide range of info you need to weigh up when looking at your working options, including your right to ask for flexible working, managing your time, benefits and tax breaks, finding good-quality childcare, handling guilt and whether you’d be better off being your own boss. ‘Working Mothers – Your Essential Guide’ covers all of these subjects in just enough depth that you get a good understanding of each, but not so much that you risk getting overwhelmed. And let’s face it, this subject can be overwhelming both in terms of all the financial information you need to wade through and all the emotions you feel about leaving your kids while you work. This book isn’t just for new mums, though. It would be useful if you were returning to work after a career break, changing your job or just feeling frazzled by life as a working mum. It looks at balancing work with a family of any age, too. In fact I picked up some tips about delegating chores to kids that I’ll be trying out when my children are a bit older!


Mrs. D. Davies (via Amazon) -
This book is practical and informative while also dealing with alot of the emotional issues involved. You realise you're not alone!


Antonia Chitty (via Amazon) -
If you combine work and a family, you will enjoy Working Mothers - the Essential Guide by Denise Tyler. The first few chapters on Flexible Working, Childcare and Starting Your Own Business were the 'essential guide' as advertised, full of clear facts presented in an easy to read way, perfect for someone returning to work after maternity leave and wanting to gen up. I found the second part inspiring and interesting. And if, like me, you have been juggling conflicting demands for years, this is the part that will make the book worth buying. Denise, a working mother herself, manages to get the right level of inspiration and encouragement, gently coaching worn down working mums on subjects such as Your Health, Staying Positive and that old favourite, Guilt. I managed to read the book in stolen moments on the train: it is light enough to slip in your bag and browse when you have a chance.


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