Applying to University

The Essential Guide (2014)

Available for pre-order now. Published Aug 2013.

With the introduction of much higher university fees, many potential students may be questioning the viability of going to university. Now more than ever it is important to make the right choices about the university, courses, and the practicalities of either living away from home or studying at a nearer establishment and staying with your family. 

You may have special needs which have to be accounted for. Or you may consider a university in the EU where fees are much lower. This book outlines the decisions you have to make and offers up to date information and guidance. What happens if you don’t get offered any places? What is Extra? Is it a good idea to have a gap year? 

This book offers practical advice on attending open days, completing the UCAS application, including writing your personal statement, and tips on how to prepare for interviews plus what to do if your results don’t match your offers.

Throughout the book, experiences of current students help the applicant to make their own decisions based on fact. Applying to University: The Essential Guide is a comprehensive handbook to prepare students, parents, teachers and advisers for each stage of the process.

Chapter Headings 

Looking and Planning Ahead

Deciding Which Subject to Study

Choosing Your Universities

Your UCAS Application

Writing Your Personal Statement

Examples of Personal Statements

Deferred Entry – Taking a Gap Year

Interviews and Offers

Getting Your Results

Thinking About Money


Help List

Author Bio

Anne Coates is a writer, editor and journalist. Her books include University: A Survival Guide and Parenting Without Tears Guide to Living With Teenagers. In 2007 she founded the website Parenting Without Tears and contributes to radio programmes as well as newspapers and magazines. 

Anne lives in London and, after serving as the chair of governors at a local school, is now a member of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education, sitting on the Higher Education committee. Anne’s daughter, Olivia, has just graduated from Goldsmith University where she read politics.

Anne can be contacted via her website, oe on her author page at The Writers Room

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