Writing a Dissertation

The Essential Guide

Are you at a loss as to what subject your dissertation should focus on? Have the constant fear that you will never finish the research, or are you worrying that you’ve left it too late? Writing a Dissertation: The Essential Guide takes you through the dissertation process from start to finish. Read this book and take control of your dissertation. Make it an experience that you enjoy, rather than one that is purely filled with stress, worry and angst. 

Discover hints and tips to help get you through the project as painlessly and enjoyably as possible. It covers what a dissertation is, how to choose a topic, planning your workload, how to structure your dissertation and what the research process involves.

When it comes to writing up, you’ll find guidance on the writing process, untangling your results, grammar and style, making sure you look after yourself in the final weeks and the submission process. Although you shouldn’t need it, there is also some pointers on what to do if you feel like you’re running out of time. 

Writing a Dissertation: The Essential Guide is ideal for anyone tackling a dissertation for the first time and also for family and friends wanting to offer support during this important part of university education.

Chapter Headings 

What is a Dissertation?

Embarking on the Project

Planning the Way Forward

The Structure of the Dissertation

The Research Process

Presenting and Analysing Your Results

Writing Skills

Looking After Yourself

Finishing the Dissertation

What to do if Time is Running Out



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Author Bio 

Suzi Richer has a BSc, MSc and PhD in Archaeology having studied at the Universities of York, Sheffield and Aix-Marseille (France) and is currently working with an archaeological research project in Nepal. She is a freelance non-fiction writer and copywriter with published works on the writing process, travel, food, history and archaeology. See suziricher.com for more information. She has two dissertations and a thesis under her belt and achieved the highest dissertation mark for her year as an undergraduate. She understands exactly what has to go into a dissertation, from the blood, sweat and tears, to working with supervisors, making sure the work is presented to the highest standard and ensuring you recharge your batteries. She has also provided support to her partner, Nick, while he went through a similar process. 

Suzi has taught, marked and provided feedback on undergraduate work over a number of years during her time at the University of York. She currently lives on the Worcestershire/Shropshire border, where she splits her time between writing, archaeology and providing communications advice to a range of businesses.

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