Sex Education

A Young Person's Guide

Sex Education: A Young Person's Guide is targeted to teenagers and pre-teens, beginning around age 11 when they are first introduced to sex education in the UK school system. It is written in plain language at a reading level geared to the target age group. The book’s premise is to provide information before the readers are sexually active. This way they will be armed ahead with the information and later, when choices present themselves, may possibly be able call on the decision-making skills introduced. The book is designed to be read by pre-teens and teens alone or together with an adult, or possibly in the context of a sex education class. To facilitate cross-generational discussion, each chapter includes a list of discussion points readers may want address with key adults in their lives. The book is in two parts. The facts section covers basic information about the physical changes of puberty, as well as reproduction, sexually transmitted infections, and safe sex practices. The choices section covers the emotional changes of puberty and the challenges of adolescence. It offers straightforward suggestions for dealing with dating situations and responsible sexual actions.

Chapter Headings

Just the Facts


Sex and How it Works

Contraception and How it Works

Safer Sex

Your Choices

Emotions and Sexual Feelings

Sex and the Media

Risk Taking


Contraception: Power Over Your Future

Responsible Sex



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Author Bio 

Charlotte Crowder is a medical writer and an accredited editor by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. She writes on a wide range of medical topics and is trained in the concepts of plain language for easy reading. In the past she worked as the paediatrics and obstetrics/gynaecology writer for the clinical publications department of a health maintenance organization. She holds a master’s degree in public health.
Charlotte lives in the US on the coast of the state of Maine with her husband Mark. They have two grown children, Tobias and Nora.

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