Student Finance

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Since the vast majority of students can’t afford the cost of going to university or college, they have to look towards the government or the institution they are enrolling at for financial help to fund their higher education. In some cases, private lenders come to their rescue. With the recent rise in fees, more students than ever are being forced to rely on student finance, and therefore applying for it has become increasingly popular and incredibly competitive, leaving many struggling to obtain the finance they need. This book was specifically written to guide both students and their parents through the confusing and often daunting world of student finance. It provides information and advice to help students understand the different options available to them and enhance their chances of securing the finance they need to pay for their tuition and other related expenses. It discusses in detail the differences in finance offered by the government, educational institutions and private lenders, and the associated pros and cons of each. Inside you’ll also find important information on the relevant criteria that makes you eligible for the various finance options, and there are chapters dedicated to budgeting and saving money throughout student life. Common mistakes students often make related to student finance are highlighted, accompanied by sound advice about how to avoid them. You shouldn’t give up your dream of going to university or college just because you can’t afford it; everyone should have the opportunity to pursue higher education no matter what their financial situation and background. By reading this essential guide you’ll gain the knowledge required to find the funding needed to gain a degree or other form of qualification that will set you on the road to a promising and successful career.

Chapter Headings 

Student Finance - The Fundamental Concept

Finance Options for Students - Sponsorship and Private Lenders

Common Student Finance Mistakes to Avoid

Obtaining Student Finance From the Government

Financial Assistance Based on Circumstances and Course

Student Finance From Universities and Colleges

Selecting the Best University On a Budget

Making a Budget and Cutting Your University Costs – Life as a University Student

Paying Off Your Student Loan


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