Student Healthy Eating Cookbook

The Essential Guide

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This book is aimed at students who want to cook delicious food which is healthy, affordable and quick and easy to make!

Discover how to set up a healthy store cupboard, how to select the right foods at exam time and how to prepare healthy snacks and meals. The cookbook's recipes are calorie counted, easy to cook and perfect for cooking on a budget. 

Chapter Headings

The Basic Student Kitchen Kit 

The Really Useful Cooking Basics

The Low Down on Healthy Eating

The Feel Good Guide

The Big Breakfast


Cooking Tea the Low Fat Way

Help List

Author Bio 

For the past twenty years, Ester Davies has worked as a food and nutrition consultant writing articles for newspapers and magazines and has appeared regularly on ITV and Channel 5. She has also promoted food and nutrition programmes on BBC and commercial radio. Ester’s ‘eating for a healthier life’ philosophy has led her to establish the Wellness Programme at the Chewton Glen Hotel in Hampshire. 
Ester has also promoted the healthy eating message to secondary schools, colleges, catering establishments and a major men’s weight loss programme in Australia. She is currently working on a healthy eating awareness programme with prisoners and their children at HMP Winchester.
Ester lives on the south coast of England with her husband Steve and teenage children Kimberley and Ryan. She can be contacted through her website

Customer Reviews...

Clair4 -
Easy to use due to the simplicity of its layout and recipes. The recipes are by no means boring, all the meals are interesting and varied, but the ingredients needed are ones that most students would have readily available, which is extremely important on a budget. Above all they are healthy too, and the book contains facts and ideas for boosting energy levels and reducing stress through the types of foods you eat. The recipes are quick, easy and this book is an essential for any student.


SCOOBY (via Amazon) -
Having read this book for the second time, this has got to be the "Best Friend" a student can have to stay healthy and eat well during those University years and just as important, it's so educational.


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