A Survival Guide

Leaving home and going to university can be both challenging and frightening for anyone heading off to study for the first time. This book is here to provide freshers with all the information they need to set out on a smooth track to success.

Packed with up-to-date advice and practical information, the book covers all hurdles faced when going to university for the first time. Chapters include topics like how to sort out your finances, what to pack, how to make the most of freshers’ week, tips for flat sharing and advice on effective study and revision.

Author: Anne Coates

Chapter Headings 

Forward Planning

Freshers’ Week

Money Matters


Sex and Relationships

Health and Fitness


Getting to Know Your Department

Studying and Assessed Work


Looking Forward

Help List

Book List

Author Bio 

Anne Coates is a writer, editor and journalist. Her books include Your Only Child and Applying to University – The Essential Guide. She also writes for the national press and women’s magazines and websites, specialising in health, parenting and education issues. In 2007 she founded the website Parenting Without Tears.
Anne lives in London and has been chair of governors at a local school. She gives talks to schools and other groups on a range of subjects. Her daughter Olivia is studying drama at Manchester University. Anne can be contacted through her website

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