Writing a Play

The Essential Guide

You want to write a play but you have no idea how to start. This book will help you to enter the exciting world of scriptwriting step by step. What makes a good dramatic story? How do you get inspired? What is the language of theatre? How do you create the most interesting, three-dimensional characters since Shakespeare, and what about creating a plot of masterful ingenuity? Writing a Play: The Essential Guide is full of personal insight and activities for you to try. Playwriting is the most challenging of the writing arts, but this essential guide will help you to practise and develop the skills of exposition, dialogue and putting together a good dramatic structure. Within its pages you’ll also find useful tips on how to get your work noticed and performed, as the author recognises it is notoriously difficult for playwrights to get the exposure their work deserves. Author: Belona Greenwood

Chapter Headings
Why Do You Want to Write a Play?

Character and Characterization

The World of the Play


The Detail of Structure


Script Format and Rewriting

What to Do With Your Finished Play


Help List


Author Bio 

Belona Greenwood is a journalist and scriptwriter. She writes scripts for both children and adults. Her theatre company, The Greenword Tree, specialises in creating interactive theatre for children.  She has won awards for her writing, including the Theatre Prize at the University of East Anglia and the Penguin Decibel Prize.
She splits her time between writing, putting on plays and creating script workshops in schools and the community.

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