Writing Romantic Fiction

The Essential Guide

Do I hear you say that romance is dead? Not for the millions of readers who find escape between the covers of a paperback novel. If you think that writing romantic fiction is a quick way to make a fortune, forget it. Often the novel that’s so easy to read, and slips down as easily as a blancmange, has taken a good deal of skill on the part of the author to achieve that very impression. In Writing Romantic Fiction: The Essential Guide, successful novelist Jean Saunders shows you the way to go about it, including ‘Tips from the Top, from some of our best-selling novelists such as Jilly Cooper and Catherine Cookson, who offer their writing advice. The most glittering names in romantic fiction had to start somewhere, and none of us was born a writer, however glamorous that may sound. It’s a craft that can be learned, and one that can bring immense pleasure and satisfaction to the writer as well as the reader. This guide can help you to learn the skills you need to write romantic fiction. Author: Jean Saunders

Chapter Headings 

Loving Your Genre
Beginners’ Questions
Chapter One

Believable Characters
The Language of Love
Appealing to the Senses

Putting in the Steam

Values - Old and New


Getting It All Together

Surviving Rejection

Before and After Publication

Tips from the Top

Let’s be Practical

The American Romance Market

Further Help

Help List

Book List

Author Bio 

Jean Saunders has written well over 100 novels, numerous short stories, many articles and non-fiction books. Writing under her own name and various pen-names, including Rowena Summers and Rachel Moore, she has written contemporary and historical romance; family sagas; wartime sagas; crime; teenage novels; and erotica. Her books are published worldwide, including Japanese Manga publishing.
Jean has been Vice-Chairman of Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and Chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and she has been short-listed for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. She takes an active interest in everything to do with writing and encouraging new writers and has run many courses at Swanwick over three decades. She is also a frequent, enthusiastic lecturer on cruise ships. For more information visit www.jeansaunders.net.

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