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Every writer was once a beginner, and even after publication we begin afresh with each new book. So whether you are a beginner or an established writer, this step-by-step guide can help you structure a synopsis, plot an outline and polish your final words. You’ve written a great book. It deserves publication and a wide readership. But you have no idea how to find a publisher. This guide will help with the presentation of your book and the route towards an interested publisher or agent. It is important to get every step right to give your book a successful opportunity of being published. But it’s a minefield out there. Watch out for unexpected traps and pitfalls. Use this book to defuse them. Make this book your personal canon, make notes all over the blank pages! That’s what they are for. So fingers crossed, best of luck and acres of four-leaf clover. Author: Stella Whitelaw

Chapter Headings

The Dreaded Synopsis

Let’s Write A Synopsis

The Outline

Crime, TV & Radio, Non-Fiction


Titles & Other Firsts

Beating Writer’s Block

The Joy Of Polishing

The Long-Distance Writer

The Book Proposal


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Author Bio 

Stella Whitelaw has had forty-seven books published, including fourteen crime, four How-To guides, eight cat anthologies, mysteries and romance. She loves writing short stories, has had over 300 published and has won numerous national magazine prizes, including the Elizabeth Goudge Cup and the Sheridan Morley Art of Writing Award.

Her life is a juggling act between Surrey and West Sussex, caring for her rescued cats and walking the south coast for her asthma. And, of course, writing every day.

She lectures at conferences and on cruise ships.

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