Creating Fictional Characters

The Essential Guide

Characters are the lifeblood of fiction. There is more to writing a novel than simply supplying an exciting background or location. No one can write a successful novel without creating the right characters to people those pages.In this comprehensive and easy guide successful novelist Jean Saunders has defined all the necessary ingredients for creating believable characters that come alive on the page. Learning to love the characters you write about is the most obvious, yet often overlooked requirement. Then come the basics: from choosing the right name to dressing your characters in the right clothes for their personalities. Jean explains how to understand and get to know them, giving them hopes and dreams and goals, and developing their conflicts and motivations to get the best out of them. She also demonstrates the art of visual writing to help make your characters as appealing as possible to your readers. Author: Jean Saunders

Chapter Headings

First Thing’s First

Voices and Dialogue

Heroes and Heroines

Enter the Villain

The Rest of the Cast

Points of View

Conflict and Motivation

Character Development

Visual Writing

Getting the Human Appeal

Children’s Fictional Characters


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Author Bio 

Jean Saunders has written well over 100 novels, numerous short stories, many articles and non-fiction books. Writing under her own name and various pen names, including Rowena Summers and Rachel Moore, she has written contemporary and historical romance; family sagas; wartime sagas; crime; teenage novels; and erotica. Her books are published worldwide, including Japanese Manga publishing.Jean has been Vice-Chairman of Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and Chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and she has been shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. She takes an active interest in everything to do with writing and encouraging new writers and has run many courses at Swanwick over three decades. She is also a frequent, enthusiastic lecturer on cruise ships. For more information visit

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