Sales and Selling

The Essential Guide

This book is for anyone who has to sell, whether self-employed or working for a small business, including those completely new to sales, those who’ve tried before and failed, and those who’d like to brush up their skills and learn a few new tricks. Sales and Selling: The Essential Guide reveals the secrets of successful salespeople, gives an insight into the psychology of buying and selling, and provides tips on how to write powerful sales materials. Work out your own unique sales persona and find a way to make confident sales pitches using your own individual style. There’s advice on establishing a good rapport with prospective customers and top tips on how to deal with objections. Action points at the end of each chapter help you improve your sales skills as you progress through the book. Packed with practical tips, checklists and insider advice, this book will guide you effortlessly through the sales process, leaving you skilled, confident and raring to go! Author: Moi Ali

Chapter Headings

What Makes a Successful Salesperson?

Selling More by Understanding Customers

Selling Face-to-Face

Words That Sell

Selling at Events, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Simple Ways to Boost Sales

Setting the Right Price for Profitable Sales

Great Customer Service Boost Sales

Help List

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Author Bio 

As well as being a successful author, Moi Ali has run her own small business for the last two decades. This has involved learning selling the hard way! Like so many people setting up in business, at the outset she sometimes lacked the confidence to ask the going rate for the job, in her case as a public relations and marketing consultant. She sold herself short, but quickly realised that this was no way to run a profitable business. Moi has since perfected an approach to sales and selling that is based on her own experience of what works, woven together with the received wisdom on the subject. 

Moi’s other books for leading publishers, including collaborations with the Institute of Directors and The Sunday Times, have been translated into languages as diverse as Spanish, Russian and Czech. 

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