Self Publishing

The Essential Guide

You’ve finished that manuscript and have decided to pursue a self publication contract. You can visualise the look, feel and dynamics of your book, you just need a hand turning this vision into a reality. This guide can help! Self Publishing: The Essential Guide will walk you through each of the steps that you need to take to turn your much-loved manuscript into a published book. It will help you address those important initial questions such as; ‘do I want to enlist the support of a self publishing company?’ and ‘how quickly will it take to turn my manuscript into a book that I can market and sell?’ With individual chapters dedicated to each stage of the self publishing journey, readers can systematically work through this guide as they embark upon their own self publishing process. Each stage is explained in a step-by-step manner, taking the fear out of self publishing and supporting readers as they themselves, turn their manuscripts into polished books. With a help list at the end of the guide to sign post readers on to further resources and with summary bullet points provided at the end of each chapter, this guide is an essential resource that can be used time and time again. So whether you are new to self publishing, or whether it has always been your publication route of choice, this essential guide is the perfect companion for your next self publishing adventure. Author: Samantha Pearce

Chapter Headings

Why Self Publish?

The Different Routes to Self Publication

Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication

That All-Important Book Cover

Using a Self-Publishing Company

Going It Alone

Marketing Your Book

Throwing Your Own Launch Party


Help List

Book List

Author Bio 

Samantha Pearce is the founder of Words Worth Reading Ltd; a comprehensive writing and editorial service. Through the delivery of this service she has supported copious writers with the completion and self publication of their own writing; by providing editorial, ghost writing and mentoring support. 

Samantha is a keen writer herself, and has had both general fiction and children’s fiction books published. In addition, Samantha has written over 100 non-fiction articles and feature pieces on writing techniques, on self publication, on book promotion and on creative writing. She relishes the opportunity to provide informative reference material to others, through the use of the written language. Her accessible writing style means that her non-fiction texts are easy to follow and enjoyable to read. 

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