Writing a Novel

The Essential Guide

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Regardless of how much preparation you have or haven’t completed, if you are looking for a resource to support you on your novel writing journey, then this is the guide for you. Writing a Novel: The Essential Guide will walk you through each of the steps that you need to take to turn your creative story ideas into a well-rounded, publishable book. It will help you address those important initial questions such as: ‘What genre of fiction am I best equipped to write?’ and ‘How can I ensure my characters sound real when they speak?’ With individual chapters dedicated to each stage of the novel writing journey, readers can systematically work through this book as they embark upon their own creative writing process. Each stage is explained in an easy-to-read, step-by-step manner, taking the fear out of mastering the craft of novel writing, and supporting readers as they turn their ideas into polished stories. So whether you are new to fiction writing, or whether it has always been your writing genre of choice, this essential guide is the perfect companion for your next novel writing adventure. Author: Samantha Pearce

Chapter Headings 

What is Fiction?

Creating a Writing Schedule

The Different Genres of Fiction

Fiction Structure






The Writing Process

Publishing Your Novel

Help List

Author Bio 

Samantha Pearce is the founder of Words Worth Reading Ltd, a comprehensive writing and editorial service. Through the delivery of this service she has supported copious writers with the completion and publication of their own novel writing; by providing editorial, ghost writing and mentoring support. 
Samantha is a keen writer herself, and has had both general fiction and children’s fiction books published. In addition, Samantha has written over 100 non-fiction articles and feature pieces on writing techniques, on publication, on book promotion and on creative novel writing. 
Her accessible writing style means that her non-fiction texts are easy to follow and enjoyable to read.   

Customer Reviews...

Alexander Kreator (via Amazon) -
Picked book up at the library and liked so much I purchased for use for reference. Very helpful checklist for a new writer. Thank goodness only one page on "show" and "tell" so this not being rammed down ones throat as a new writer as seems usual by all the literary course attendees. Not very keen on square format. It does make the book easy to find in a pile. Will use as a companion to "How to Write a Blockbuster" a useful reference work.


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