Writing Dialogue

The Essential Guide

Without dialogue a novel is no more than an endless essay. Only through their speech can the characters really come to life.

We all talk to one another all the time, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get our realistic dialogue into the mouths of our fictional characters. Yet for some writers it is an impossible task. This practical guide by prolific author Jean Saunders shows how it is done.

Jean has defined all the necessary ingredients for creating realistic dialogue in fiction. Pointers include the actual layout of dialogue, basic principles of punctuation, avoiding trivia, and making your characters more believable through their speech.

Many examples are given to demonstrate this vital part of successful fiction. Jean explains the primary purposes of dialogue; how to create an atmosphere; effective adverbs; how to use the listening ear; how to avoid the slush pile and so much more.

Chapter Headings

Personally Speaking

Primary Purposes of Dialogue

And There’s More . . . 

Now You’re Talking

It Ain’t What You Say

He Said, She Said

The Listening Ear

Pitfalls of Dialogue

Help List

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Author Bio

Jean Saunders has written well over 100 novels, numerous short stories, many articles and non-fiction books. Writing under her own name and various pen names, including Rowena Summers and Rachel Moore, she has written contemporary and historical romance; family sagas; wartime sagas; crime; teenage novels; and erotica. Her books are published worldwide, including Japanese Manga publishing.

Jean has been Vice-Chairman of Swanwick Writers’ Summer School and Chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and she has been shortlisted for the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. She takes an active interest in everything to do with writing and encouraging new writers and has run many courses at Swanwick over three decades. She is also a frequent, enthusiastic lecturer on cruise ships. For more information visit www.jeansaunders.net.

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