Writing Non-Fiction Books

The Essential Guide

Many long to write a book. They dream of having a book on their shelves, with their name on the cover. Many dream of writing a novel, but the competition is fierce. The proportion of non-fiction to fiction books however, is at least five or six to one. Which would you choose to write? There is a huge demand for non-fiction books, so if you consider yourself an expert on a certain subject you could write a book about it and have a good chance of getting it published. Writing Non-Fiction Books: The Essential Guide will show you: How to convert your knowledge into a book proposal How to find an interested publisher before you write your book How to write your book for the target readership How to present your typescript to the publisher How to cope with editorial changes, proof reading and indexing Whether you are a beginner or an established writer, this step-by-step guide will lead you along the path to success and publication. Author: Gordon Wells

Chapter Headings 

The Basic Idea

Research – Collecting and Organising Material

Developing the Idea

Selling the Idea

Organising the Book

The Words and Pictures

Presentation and Delivery

From Typescript to Book

Business Matters

Help List

Book List

Author Bio 

Gordon Wells has published nearly 60 books and several hundred feature articles. His non-fiction books range from traffic engineering to writing techniques – and, for children, from dinosaurs to astronomy, and creative writing.
Gordon has also written 11 children’s novels, more than 30 book-length Commando picture stories, and scripted over 200 one-page non-fiction picture stories for a children’s weekly magazine.

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